[CQ-Contest] Mult passing: is it okay to use?

Luc PY8AZT py8azt at dxbrasil.net
Tue Jan 25 11:59:01 PST 2011

Yes, passing someone to other band is the most wining strategy you can
do, IF you do it on the right way and on the right time. If we get a
"No", It's no problem, but mostly we get a YES, or LATER. So we make a

At PW7T we try to work every expensive mult as many bands we can. We
are always asking to QSY and/or informing the other station's QRG
along CQs.

Others stations (big guns or even small pistols) also ask us to QSY to
low bands, what we do even without direct benefits to our score. It's
a fair play matter.

73, Luc
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