[CQ-Contest] 2011 U.S. Counties Qso Party

ka3qlf at comcast.net ka3qlf at comcast.net
Mon Jul 18 18:26:29 PDT 2011

In 2 weekends the annual U.S. Counties Qso Party, sponsored by MARAC , will take place. There are already a few mobile routes posted on the County Hunters Web as well as the new tab in the contests section of the MARAC Website. If you plan to play a bit in the contest, and would like your intentions added to the sites, please drop me a line. A note to the USA IOTA stations planning activations during the IOTA contest, please do not be afraid to include your county as part of your exchange, or have it handy. In the past the regular ops of this contest have always participated well with other contests of the shared weekend in May, and we would be glad to have you aboard!  thanks, and 73--Scott, KA3QLF, MARAC  contest Coordinator

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