[CQ-Contest] CQ-Contest Digest, Vol 103, Issue 40

Alan Sewell N5NA alan.n5na at gmail.com
Tue Jul 26 13:26:31 PDT 2011

It would have been interesting if the counties had been mults.  But the 
mults were the zeroland states.  Anyone could work anyone.  And it was 
the same weekend as the 7QP, NEQP, and INQP.

I like working mobiles in the state QSO parties.  A mobile would have to 
change states to be able to work him again.

73,  Alan  N5NA

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>> >  One I'd like to see come to fruition is the Zeroland QSO Party -&
>> >  have the 600+ counties count as multipliers!  That would be a
>> >  "very interesting concept."
> There was a group in Iowa which had a plan to do that this spring, and I was
> really looking forward to it.
> They couldn't seem to gain enough mass for traction, and it died on the
> vine.  Some "zero land" states seemed jealous that it might steal their
> Cheerios, and declined support.  A pity.
> 73, de Hans, K0HB

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