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Hey Guys and Girls,
This weekend is the third running of the VK Shires Contest - http://www.wia.org.au/members/contests/wavks/
There will be VK stations running around on 80 through ten looking for CQ Zones as well as giving out VK Shires for the VK shires Award -
Of interest this contest does not allow75M  DX window contacts - but don't let that stop you - VK Stations will be in the Extra class SSB window between 3.500 and 3.700 and on both CW and SSB
Exchange is simple VK stations want to hear 5NN(CQ ZONE) or 59(CQ ZONE)  and they will give you an exchange like 5NN30 SC4 (well I will)  this means Signal report Zone 30 Sunshine Coast Shire 4 (Queensland) Inside VK Contact will be 59SC4...
Stations can be worked on SSB and CW for Multiplier credit ON EACH BAND..
Start time is 06:00 UTC for 24 hours - lets get down and party !!!!.
Cheers Hope to hear you on air 
Trent VK4TI

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