[CQ-Contest] Grid square is a dumb exchange

Gerry Treas, K8GT k8gt at mi.rr.com
Sun Jun 12 17:58:43 PDT 2011

So keep a grid square map handy, like most of us do.  No big deal.  It's the best exchange since you can figure distance, like the Stew Perry 160 contest.

Sheesh is that all you have to worry about?

73, Gerry, K8GT

---- Barry <w2up at comcast.net> wrote: 

My first time on 6m this weekend, just playing around in the contest.  
On a band with such spotty propagation, it would be nice to know the QTH 
of the stations being worked.  Short of keeping a grid sq. map handy, 
there's no way to know where each grid is.  How about state or section 
in the exchange, too?
Barry W2UP


Barry Kutner, W2UP             Lakewood, CO

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