[CQ-Contest] Malpelo Island (HK0NA) !!

Manu LU9ESD lu9esdmanu at yahoo.com.ar
Mon Jun 13 19:09:22 PDT 2011

Hi everyone!

I am writing to share with all of you my happiness when I learned that I've been chosen by Jorge HK1R to participate in a Major DX-Pedition in Malpelo Island (HK0NA).

Two operators from each continent have been invited to be part of this event and I am the lucky one from South America.
I have participated in a lot of expeditions in Argentina, but I have always dreamed of participating in a Most Wanted DX-pedition like this.

Once I was lucky to win the Young HAM Contest Program 2007 organized by David Kopacz KY1V and I could travel abroad for the first time in my life.
Then, due to the good results, David and his partner Krassy K1LZ, invited me again the following year to the CQWW SSB 2008 and we got the first place in NA and #2 World in a M2 effort.

Thanks to this experience, this year, Oms PY5EG, invited me to participate in the ARRL DX SSB and CQWPX SSB from his station (PT5T) in Florianopolis, Brazil.

Now, the three of them, KY1V, K1LZ, PY5EG and his Araucaria DX Group have pledged $4000 USD to cover the 80% of my expense to participate in the Malpelo Island expedition.
The cost of this kind of expeditions is very high and I could never afford to make it on my own. It is only with the help of these wonderful friends that I can dream of such an opportunity..
I need to confirm my participation before June, 30. I hope this e-mail helps me to find the necessary final $1000 to make my dream come true. If you or your club could assist with a donation I would be most grateful.
Kind regards.
73's de Manu Siebert. LU9ESD


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