[CQ-Contest] Link to proposed changes to ARRL DX

Bob Naumann W5OV at W5OV.COM
Sun Jun 19 06:57:06 PDT 2011

As we've seen in the past, and once again here, you can't always believe
what you read or have heard about.

Even in the article, quoting CAC Chairman, Dick Green, WC1M, it says:

"Sounds like the rumor mill is way ahead of the actual facts!" Green told
radio-sport.net this past weekend.

"At the moment we happen to be looking at ARRL DX rules, and our members
have had discussions with various contesters about them. That's probably the
source of the rumors," Green said, as he downplayed the idea of imminent
rules changes.

"If you were to ask me, "Will there be rule changes in ARRL DX rules
sometime in the future?", I would honestly have to answer, "I don't know and
I couldn't even predict the odds," Green told radio-sport.net.
 (End Quote)

So, this is nothing more than a report of a discussion - there is no rule
change planned, recommended, or pending.

And, lest we forget, the CAC has *no power* to make any changes. They are an
advisory body to the ARRL BoD only. The Board would have to rule on any
proposed changes - should they decide to.

So, for the time being all of the angst about this discussion is truly a
waste of energy and bandwidth.


Bob W5OV

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