BRYON PAUL n0ah VEAL bryonveal at msn.com
Sun Jun 19 08:35:20 PDT 2011

I remember getting my wood plaque for my 5BWAZ back in April of 2001.  I had travelled all the way to Wyoming and spent 5 years there chasing it. When it showed by snail mail, I remember unwrapping it but there were no marching bands outside, no angels in the farm fields, no reporters....not even a stream of phone calls!  This can be a lonely hobby in the world of DX and contesting- So my suggestion is build one's shrine to one's accomplishments, by purchasing a lot of glass frames and place them on bookshelves, and continue on to the best QTH possible for a high scores!!! Also, at my qrz.com page, I have a great way of dealing with suspected cheaters..........   
Paul  N0AH


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