[CQ-Contest] K8A (KH8 American Samoa) CQWWCW 2011 - ops wanted - W4PA

Scott Robbins w4pa at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 21 06:48:04 PDT 2011


I am running a DXpedition to KH8 in conjunction with the 2011 CQ WW CW contest. Callsign K8A has been requested and granted.   Arriving there via KH6 on 17 November, leaving 28 November to return.  2 days each direction from the U.S. east coast are needed to reach the island via Hawaii.

KH8 is now in the top 50 Most Wanted for CW, digital modes, and the low bands in Europe and the last recorded packet spot by DX Summit on 160m from there was in 2006.  I expect North American low band demand to be high.

I (we?) will also be operating CQ WW CW in whatever category will maximize QSO totals with the goal of getting as many into the log as possible.  The goal is not necessarily "winning" - it's making as many QSO's as possible with the DXers and serious contest entrants.  To that end, we will be very active on the air leading up to and through the contest as this is not only a contest-specific operation.

Of note: 

1) Icom is providing HF transceivers as needed for this operation.  Thanks N9JA.

2) Spiderbeam is providing antennas - high band yagis, wire verticals, wire L's and Beverage RX antennas will be employed.  

3) Additional operators are being sought.  Ideally 1 to 3 more besides myself.  Expenses will be high - airfare alone from USA east coast to KH8 is running $1600 round trip.  Drop me an email.  

4) related to #3 - I am seeking donations via website www.k8a2011.com at this time.  There is little possibility donations will cover a substantial part of expense but every dollar will count.  Whatever is not covered by donations will be charged to my Visa card and paid off whenever I get around to it.   K4PZT and SEDCO/W4DXCC have contributed already - thanks Dave and W4NL, KA4S, W4UWC.

5) Website: www.k8a2011.com - there is also a Facebook page listed as K8A 2011 American Samoa DXpedition where I will be posting status updates.  


Your friend, 
Scott Robbins

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