[CQ-Contest] Leveling the palying field

Rick Dougherty NQ4I nq4i at contesting.com
Tue Jun 21 07:10:53 PDT 2011

Hi all...some more to consider

I would like to make a comparison between W9RE and K5ZD...both talented op's....

if you compare stations, Mike has spent considerable time, effort and
money to assemble a very competitive station with stacks on 40-10m, a
2 el 80m rotary,and decent antennas
and beverages on 160m...Randy's is not nearly as big...big by NE
standards, but not even in the same league...Mike does what he does to
try to level the field....but can never expect to best Randy....and
this goes on year after year..propagation plays a very small hand in
the competition....both stations are SO2R capable....so is it fair to
Mike ....I don't THINK so....
When for the past 30 + years the advantage in location has created a
95% identifiable advantage to one area of the country...i.e. you gotta
live within 200 miles of Boston, or better yet in Nova Scotia to win
the ARRL....and the same is true for CQWW....

On the other hand go to the Caribbean and you can clean up the
ARRL...or in CQWW go to zone 9, 33 or 35 and with a decent station and
op, victory is yours....

Is CQWW negligent in not considering this?? I THINK so....hats off the
ARRL for leading in this matter......will CQWW have egg on their face
for not considering this?? don't know...

It's funny who are the ones vocal against this proposal....vested
interests?? Think about it....

Stations who stand to gain from distance based scoring....W4's, W5's,
W8's W0's W6's, W9's and W7's...others to benefit PY. LU, 4X4,SV,
9A,I,and the list goes on and on...

Will distance based scoring help participation.....no doubt about
it.....does the ARRL DX need something to jumpstart their

I view this as a last stand for contesting in general...this will be
my last sunspot cycle maybe...by the time it ends , I will be 70+ in
age...and I probably won't be doing much tower climbing..so it is one
time to correct a wrong and have a playing field that is much closer
to level....

More to come


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