[CQ-Contest] Inverse Distance Based Scoring

stoskopf at tri.net stoskopf at tri.net
Sun Jun 26 17:50:59 PDT 2011

I'm not in anyway going to going to be a big time contester, but it would
be fun to have a DX HF contest where distance was the major factor.  That
would give a few more points to us in the Midwest for breaking over the
east wall.  It certainly would make the JA contacts more valuable.  With
only a few countries in SA, but distances, it would make sense to dig out
the weak ones there.  Of course, the Carrib. would still have the pipeline
to Eu, but stateside Qs wouldn't be as valuable.  And HC6 would win it
all.  This needs a trial.  Oh yeah, make a 20/15/10 division for the
tribander daytime bunch and a 160/80/40 for those less sleep inclined and
space limited.  N0UU

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