[CQ-Contest] Level Playing Field - my 2 cents

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Using the locators as an exchange might  be too much for some but, OTOH, would make exchange meaningful. The locator in the header as information for the contest robot is a good idea, in my opinionTo encourage the use of ALL of the low bands, more points per QSO should be assigned. 160 m with the higher value, 80 m less and so on, and not just double points for 160-80-40 and less for the rest, because this kind of division makes that contesters use 40 m, some 80 m  when 40 m gives them no more and then dismiss 160.

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> Milt, N5IA agreed with Stan's (K5GO) comment below.
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> > Something is not quite right when a part time effort in a DX contest can make top ten 
> and knock out a full time effort by as good an> operator from a better station.> > 
> I had a private exchange with Stan and here is an excerpt.  For me, the last sentence says
> it all.
> A main problem with "points for distance" approach is there is currently nothing in place to allow for
> that.  Exchanging grid squares seems logical & everybody would quickly learn their own grid square, but
> even that is probably not precise enough.  If we went to 6 digit grids, then I think we'd have something...
> Not only would we have a point system more relevant in terms of being a DX contest, but the exchanges
> would be meaningful.  But is there a downside to that?  Maybe.  Some say that the reason the
> CQWW is so popular (with WPX right behind) is because there "isn't" an exchange and everybody
> can get on and not be challenged because of an unknown exchange.
> A possible easier solution would be to require your 6 digit maidenhead grid as part of the HEADER
> for each log entry.  Then folks would still have an "easy" exchange and could leisurely look up their
> grid post-contest.  The downside, of course, is that nobody would know their actual score until the logs
> were officially adjudicated. 
> So nothing is easy.
> de Doug KR2Q
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