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Contesters aren't as smart as rats.  Wouldn't catch on.

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I've long thought that logging programs should include an output that
triggers an M&M dispenser for each new multiplier, 100K point barrier,  full
hour of operating without off times, etc.

If rewards work for rats, they ought to work for contesters.

73  -  Jim  K8MR

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Much  more can be done in SOFTWARE to make contests more fun. Imagine a .dta
file  with this grid square and county info that is updated real time  from
QRZ.com to fill in blanks.

Work a new state, and a window pops  up briefly with the previously worked
states in gray and the new state  flashing in red.

The same for grid squares. Even working a new county  might pop up a state
map with the counties already worked in gray and the  new one flashing in

A great circle map might flash the path as  a red line for the current
contact, and it leaves a dot on the map for the  contact which begins to
fade, eventually leaving the map  completely.

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