[CQ-Contest] Level Playing Field

steve.root at culligan4water.com steve.root at culligan4water.com
Wed Jun 29 05:43:11 PDT 2011

W8JI Wrote:

"The only people with the real location problems that may be insurmountable 
are those up in the north and west. They have a path problem limiting 
propagation, and that might be insurmountable. Oddly, they don't complain 
much. :-) "

Tom I don't have the ability to use the English language in an adequate manner
 to fully and completely describe just how truly awful our propagation truly is. :)

But you are correct, as you move away from coastal areas it becomes much more of a North/South issue. 
Stations in the middle of the country but located in the Southern tier of states enjoy
vastly improved propagation. That's why a simple "distance factor" would have a minor 
impact on DX contest results. The true situation is much more complex than a linear 
correction can address.

73 Steve K0SR
"North of the Black Hole"

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