[CQ-Contest] Level Playing Field - my 2 cents

J.D. "Dan" Weisenburger kw4t at comcast.net
Wed Jun 29 14:35:56 PDT 2011

Years ago I set out to win  USA 40 LP  in the CQ contests.   It was a 
major challenge for my humble station.  The previous winners had "Run 
Japan" from the west coast and from an east coast station with one 
wire in a tree   I had my work cut out for me.   It took several 
years a doing ok but never placing higher than 6th.   I was always 
trying to do better than I had done previously.   That was the only 
Leveling of the playing field I could do.   I didn't have the real 
estate like my friend's, I was on a city lot.   I didn't have a 
tower, just some trees.  Fred, K3ZO, said  "Stay in the Chair".   He 
was right.   Eventually I got my 1st USA in CQWW and CQWPX.  In WPX I 
cracked the world Top Ten Box one year.   Then 3 Cancers, a heart 
attack, and other ailments  have leveled the playing field for my 
wife.   She sees a lot more of me on contest weekends.

There's no crying in Baseball, DXing or Contesting

73 from Lake Moneysgone,  Dan, KW4T

At 09:46 AM 6/29/2011, Tom W8JI wrote:
> >I am a competitor.  I often liken amateur radio contesting to the Hot Rod
> >1/4 mile drag strips.  You work on your "rod" (station) all week long and
> >then you go the the drags on Saturday night (favorite contest) to see how
> >your rod (radio & antennas) and your driving skills (operating) stack up
> >against your hobby friends.
>One thing about racing is people learn to take a licking without excuses.
>Whining and moaning doesn't go far. No one tolerates it, and that probably
>is why I have such a low tolerance for it.
>This is just like boxing or any other sport. If we think we do everything
>perfect and can't improve, it is a perfect formula for never winning. If we
>copy what others do, that is a prefect guarantee we will never be better.
>Look at 160 from here. Prior to Fisher coming over here, no one ever
>imagined a station in middle GA could win. QST even pretty much said one
>east coast station had it locked up. Because we were innovative with
>antennas and didn't just copy other people, we could hear better. We won
>many times. True stereo diversity came from here, so did phased vertical
>arrays, and so did PROPERLY phased Beverages. So did better transmitting
>antennas, like an eight direction four square with better pattern control
>and less loss.
>Despite being farther away, the worse we ever do is second place. Often we
>set new records. NONE of that happened by whining and bitching and pointing
>fingers, or negative attitudes or thinking we were perfect. None of it came
>from wanting special points because of our location.
>With almost no effort at all on 40, we can HEAR much better on 40 than other
>people. Almost 24 hours a day, we can hear Europe. With an AL1200 and the
>minimal effort 40 meter system, we can win forty from here.  I don't even
>have the best 40 meter antenna that can be built!!
>If we can do as well as the exceptional stations on the east coast on those
>bands there is absolutely no reason it cannot be done on 80 and 20 from down
>In 1970 or so I set the national record for a stock production car with a
>RAMBLER American. This was heads up racing with no "level playing field" and
>a lowly $2800 Nash put 428 Cobra Jets, Corvettes, and other muscle cars on
>the trailer.
>Things like all of this happen because of constant improvement and always
>knowing things can be improved. It takes a desire to do the best that can be
>done and thinking outside the box. It isn't about money, alleged degrees,
>time or anyone else's perceived advantages that matters. It is about how can
>I do better the next time.
>73 Tom
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