[CQ-Contest] arrl correction factor

Rick Dougherty NQ4I nq4i at contesting.com
Wed Jun 29 16:29:38 PDT 2011

Here goes my take on how to fix ARRL.....
assign points on the following formula
1000 miles = 1.0 points
2000 miles = 2.0
3000 miles =3.0 at so forth...so if W1 workd a DL1 and the distance is
2800 miles that equals 2.8 points
W4 to DL1 is 3700 miles = 3.7 points
W1 to JA = 10,000 miles = 10 points
w4 to JA = 12,000 miles = 12 points
W1 to FP8 = 370 miles = .37 points
W4 to FP8= 1100 miles = 1.1 points

It is a fairly easy alogrithym to implement....use the distances
provided in the dat file in each computer based on the lat long of the

It will need to be tested to see how it affects score...but it is
straight line distance based scoring system. I propose to make it fair
it should go both ways..i.e. the DL1 station would get the same amount
of points also...this would sure level things out.

My whinning and complaining for the day.


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