[CQ-Contest] distances

Rick Dougherty NQ4I nq4i at contesting.com
Thu Jun 30 02:42:05 PDT 2011

attached in this email are some great circle distances...

        VY2                              W1(Boston)
W4(atlanta)         W0 (MSP)          W6(SFO)

DL  2990                                 3850                    4800
                 4580                 5880
JA 6630                                   6770                   6850
                  5950                 5120
4x4 4530                                 5490                    6440
                 6220                  7420
G   2300                                 3250                     4200
                  4010                  5370

The station enjoying the greatest advantage to the CURRENT scoring
system is VY2ZM....the station with the least advantage is
the distance based system Mentioned in a previous email a VY2-4X4
contact would net 4.53 points per qso a W6-4X4 qso would net 7.42 qso
points and
a W0-4X4 would net 6.22 qso points....but look a little closer VY2-G
is only 2.30 points versus W0-G that would be 4.01 points per qso.....

I have received emails from people who say YES there is an advantage
in the current system but they want to be able to compare their logs
with the old score and for THAT
reason it does not need to be changed....BALDERDASH.........to not
change the current system because I want to be able to compare what I
do today versus 20 years ago is sticking your head in the sand...lets
see in 20 years we have seen memory keyers, computer based logging,
packet cluster, skimmer and on and on in technology changes
and I guess its FAIR to compare results today with the OLD days???
Come on and get a grip here on reality....change is change and if it's
from a computer logging program
that has Super Check Partial or a paper log with a paper dupe
sheet....That does not convince me at all......Horse Hockey!!!


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