[CQ-Contest] level field

rob beaudoin wa1fcn at charter.net
Thu Jun 30 18:21:56 PDT 2011

I wish to express my 2 cents worth on the subject of leveling the playing field from a competitor
with limited income and a average  staion.  I speake as a lifelong contestor of 47 years, with
40 of them from New England.  When I lived in New England I had a A4S at 50 feet, and a 
couple wires off the tower for 80/40.   When I  moved here 7 years agoI I put up a 50 ft tower with new A4S
and a couple wires off the tower again.  DXing and contesting certainly more of a chaleng here
in Alabama.   A couple years ago I was able to put up a 5 element tribander at 80 feet and 2 
element 40 meter beam at 70 feet. I guess you would say that is a little above average now.
That is not my point,  The point   is   I know  how much extra effort is needed to achieve a respectable
score now.  It's nice to beat your area competition but any serious competitor would like a fair
shot at the top.  So yes can we do something, anything to level the field.  I mean nothing
ventured nothing gained.  Maybe this is just not possible, in any case I will still be in there trying.

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