[CQ-Contest] Contest sleep assist

Dave Hachadorian k6ll at arrl.net
Tue Mar 1 09:02:27 PST 2011

I'll probably draw some flak for this posting from the purists, but here

If one is participating in a 48 hour contest, and wants to take a 4 hour
snooze, sometimes it is difficult to unwind and fall asleep right away.
There is a rapid-acting prescription sleep aid, "Sonata," that causes a
rapid onset of sleep, and then clears itself out of the body rapidly.
Assisted sleep time is about four hours.  If you sleep longer than that, it
is not caused by the drug.  The drug used to be very expensive, but has
recently gone off-patent, and is now available as a generic, "Zaleplon," at
about 60 cents per capsule.

I recommend talking to your doctor, telling him exactly what you have in
mind for this drug, and getting a prescription for a few 10 mg. capsules.
Test it on yourself before a contest to make sure it works for you.
Whatever you do, do not buy this medication from a questionable internet

It has helped me.  Naturally one is a little groggy after only four hours
of sleep, but coffee quickly solves that little issue.

Now we will all get lectured by the guys who boast about being able to stay
awake and function at 100% for 48 hours.  For the rest of us, help is

By the way, I have no medical credentials.

Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
Yuma, AZ


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