[CQ-Contest] RDXC updated FAQ - Remote operation

Paul Mackanos - K2DB k2db at k2db.com
Tue Mar 1 08:04:12 PST 2011

Now, Paul's (EI5DI's) comments make sense:
I guess there is no sense in me entering a Russian DX contest,
Unless: I don't tell them I am remote. If they found out, I
would be disqualified. This would lead me to do the following:
1) Work the contest, have FUN, and not send in a log. or
2) Work the contest and send in a check log.
Either way, I enjoy my hobby, have fun and get on the air.
 Knowing that my entry is against their rules and I cannot
participate per their rules lets me make the decision. 
 Knowing the rules of each contest is the key factor!
There is no sense in complaining about it. I read the rules
and make my decision, based upon what I want to do. 
 I am certainly happy that the FCC rules and the major USA contest
sponsors accept remote operation.
 Way back, many years ago, I read an article in QST by Larry N8LP
about remote operation. WOW, just what I needed. That is where I
started. I contacted Larry, and he walked me thru setting up a remote
station. This was a "NEW" technology, and when people found out what
I was doing, they all said: it is unsportsmanlike, cheating, etc. Even
some big contesting guns said the same thing. Well; I checked out FCC
part 97 rules and they allowed it, I called the ARRL and asked them 
about it and its legality, here is what they asked me and told me:

1) Question - Where is the remote station?
   Answer - In Northern New York, Grid Square FN24FL
2) Reply - Your location for all DXCC contacts and ARRL contests is where
   Transmitter, receiver and antennas are located. 
3) My question - that's it, it's that easy?
4) Reply - Yes, now go get on the air and have some FUN, and work some new

I am sitting here typing this, while monitoring my remote station on
the internet, waiting for a new one to pop up in the cluster window !! :-)
Maybe sometime I will see EI5DI calling CQ on CW in a skimmer spot, call
him and have a QSO. Maybe it will be the .1% of the time that I may actually
be at the station location and not operating remote ! :-) 
Have FUN guys & gals!

73 Paul K2DB

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Hello all,

It seems that the opinions of Paul EI5DI and the Russian DX Contest
Committee fully coincide...

The updated FAQ was a bit unclear, but when I now re-read the general rules,
it is quite clear that the RDXC Committee has the opinion that Remote
Transceiving is "unsportsmanlike and the entry is subject to

5.1.3 Using any IP net for the remote transceiving, including web
radiostations is unsportsmanlike and the entry is subject to

So if not before, at least now, we know the answer to my original FAQ

Interesting difference in the approach of RDXC when comparing with other
leading organizers.

Also interesting to see that RDXC considers Remote Transceiving a worse
violation of the rules than for instance use of excessive power in any
category. There are two paragraphs in the rules that can result in

5.1.3 Using any IP net for the remote transceiving, including web
radiostations is unsportsmanlike and the entry is subject to


5.1.6 The use by an entrant of telephones, telegrams, Internet, packet to
solicit contacts during the contest (self-spotting) is not allowed and
forces to disqualification of an entrant.

Nothing mentioned about violation of power limits or violation of national
regulations, that can result in disqualification of an entrant.

73 de R3/SM6LRR, Mats

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