[CQ-Contest] RDXC updated FAQ - Remote operation

Zack Widup w9sz.zack at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 20:31:03 PST 2011

Just because it shows up as a packet spot doesn't mean you're going to work it.

I never worked Ed when he was in P5. I never worked Chuck Brady or the
other op (Petrus?) when they were on Bouvet. I am on the Honor Roll
but it took me 17 years. I still work for a living and can't run home
every time something is spotted on packet. So I still need 3Y/Bouvet,
A5, A9, EP, YA and P5.

73, Zack W9SZ

On 3/1/11, Tom Osborne <w7why at frontier.com> wrote:
> Hi Doug
> Getting on the honor roll is now a lot easier than it probably was when you
> got on it.
> I did some checking and in 1961 there were 131 honor roll hams.  Now,
> according the the ARRL site, there are 35 pages of honor roll hams.
> Come to the shack, turn on DX Summit, see if the DX is on.  If not, go back
> upstairs.
> If they are on, computer tells me which frequency, which mode, where they
> are listening.  If I call long enough, I'll probably get them.
> I've got DXCC here, but just enough to get into the WVDXC.  For the rest of
> the ones I've worked, (around 300), not all that interested in going any
> higher.
> Lots different now than it was in the 50's :-)  73
> Tom W7WHY
>> Maybe everyone should tear down their antenna farms, sell all radio and
>> related equipment and DX over the internet.  Because this is the direction
>> where DXing and contesting and communication (i.e. Skype) is headed.
>> Doug
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