[CQ-Contest] Two Single operators, one club call sign

Mike Tessmer mtessmer at mindspring.com
Fri Mar 4 10:21:16 PST 2011

>Is it possible for two single operators, lets say one SO on 40 meter and the
>other SO on 20 meter, to use the same club call sign during the upcomming
>ARRL International DX contest?

I don't think this is permitted under ARRL DX rules.  

Now if it was CQWW it might be, depending on who is adjudicating the scores in a particular year.  One year, especially if it's merely W9s,  it will be a "definite no-no!"  A few years later, especially if it's a DX operation from a pretty rare location, it will be "what a great idea!"

(Personal experience)

73, Mike K9NW


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