[CQ-Contest] Just one weekend

K4RO Kirk Pickering k4ro at k4ro.net
Sun Mar 6 07:55:45 PST 2011

On Sun, Feb 27, 2011 at 09:16:46PM -0500, Ken Claerbout wrote:
> I seem to recall years ago the late W4AN convinced a few of his
> multi-op competitors to shut off packet for a contest.  I think
> it would be cool if the multi-op teams, for just one contest,
> would shut off packet, skimmer, and any outside assistance. 

I was part of that W4AN operation. It was ARRL DX CW 2002.
The team was W4AN, K4BAI, K9AY, W8JI and K4RO. The way that
I remember it, was that a big M/2 station in Virginia (now 
long gone) was the lone holdout. The reason given was that 
his team had worked hard to develop packet-chasing skills, 
and they were indeed very good at it.

We wound up using packet at W4AN as a result, and we still had 
a pretty poor multiplier total. I think we came in 4th place, 
in a fairly competitive M/2 lineup.

N2RM actually won the Multi-2 competition that year, WITHOUT
packet. It was an impressive win, at least from my perspective.
Here is a great post from N2NC which details the operation.


I really wish this had caught on. It's too bad that it didn't.


Kirk K4RO

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