[CQ-Contest] NA RTTY Sprint

Ed Muns w0yk at msn.com
Tue Mar 8 08:53:03 PST 2011

	Make plans to operate the NA RTTY Sprint this coming Saturday
(00-04z Sunday, 13 March).  If the sprint format is troublesome or you think
you lose too many "jump balls", just fine a clear frequency and CQ.  The
other stations will find you (and, will want your QSO!) without you having
to first win a short pileup.  Work a station there, then QSY at least 5 kHz
and CQ again.  Once you feel comfortable with this, you can try answering a
CQ and then staying on the frequency to work one more station.  Also, as
each band gets worked out by stations, everyone will be looking for new ones
to work and the pileups will diminish.  Low Power and QRP stations will do
fine in amongst the High Power stations with these approaches, especially as
bands get worked out.  
	Get together with others an form a team.  It is fun and increases
the participation which this short contest needs.  The Sprints are great
events to build operating skill.  The QSY format takes some time to get used
to, so if you are new to it, just take it slow and progress as described
above.  Some operators set their two VFOs 10 kHz apart so they can be sure
of adhering to the 5 kHz QSY rule by simply swapping VFOs after their "CQ
QSO".  If nothing else, swapping VFOs leaves your last frequency visible so
you can be sure you are 5 kHz away as you tune for a new CQ frequency (or 1
kHz away if you call another CQing station).
	There will be a practice session on Friday evening, NA time
(0230-0300z Saturday, 12 March) for checking out setups and practicing the
contest format.  I look forward to seeing lots of new stations participating

	Ed - W0YK
	NCJ NA RTTY Sprint Manager

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