[CQ-Contest] NA RTTY Sprint

Mike Fatchett W0MU w0mu at w0mu.com
Wed Mar 9 20:36:10 PST 2011

No. What he means is just call CQ and not try to get in the piles if

you are getting beat out all the time.  I may try qrp again and that is
about the only way to make contacts.  Alternate cq's at least 5 kc's away.

Mike W0MU

On 3/9/2011 9:42 AM, Hank Greeb wrote:
>  Ed:
>  Does this mean you waive the rule "CQ and move" for newbies?  Seems like
>  this could confuse the op who assumes he/she has the frequency after
>  answering a CQ.
>  72/73 de n8xx Hg
>  On 3/9/2011 9:47 AM, "Ed Muns"<ed at munsvineyard.com>   wrote:
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>>  Make plans to operate the NA RTTY Sprint this coming Saturday (00-04z
>>  Sunday, 13 March).  If the sprint format is troublesome or you think
>>  you lose too many "jump balls", just find a clear frequency and CQ.
>>  The other stations will find you (and, will want your QSO!) without
>>  you having to first win a short pileup.  Work a station there, then
>>  QSY at least 5 kHz and CQ again.  Once you feel comfortable with this,
>>  you can try answering a CQ and then staying on the frequency to work
>>  one more station.  Also, as each band gets worked out by stations,
>>  everyone will be looking for new ones to work and the pileups will
>>  diminish.  Low Power and QRP stations will do fine in amongst the High
>>  Power stations with these approaches, especially as bands get worked out.
>>  Get together with others an form a team.  It is fun and increases the
>>  participation which this short contest needs.  The Sprints are great
>>  events to build operating skill.  The QSY format takes some time to
>>  get used to, so if you are new to it, just take it slow and progress
>>  as described above. Some operators set their two VFOs 10 kHz apart so
>>  they can be sure of adhering to the 5 kHz QSY rule by simply swapping
>>  VFOs after their "CQ QSO". If nothing else, swapping VFOs leaves your
>>  last frequency visible so you can be sure you are 5 kHz away as you
>>  tune for a new CQ frequency (or 1 kHz away if you call another CQing
>>  station).
>>  There will be a practice session on Friday evening, NA time
>>  (0230-0300z Saturday, 12 March) for checking out setups and practicing
>>  the contest format.  I look forward to seeing lots of new stations
>>  participating Saturday!
>>  73,
>>  Ed - W0YK
>>  NCJ NA RTTY Sprint Manager
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