[CQ-Contest] New Reverse Beacon AR Cluster Node Available for Russian Contest

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Mon Mar 14 11:29:07 PDT 2011

A new RBN Telnet cluster node is now available at 
http://arcluster.reversebeacon.net port 7000, using the latest AR 
Cluster Server Version 6 beta.  The new node is running in parallel with 
the RBN node at telnet.reversebeacon.net port 7000, which uses the 
DXSpider node software.

Why ARC6?  This new version of AR Cluster uses revised filtering syntax 
that makes it possible to concatenate multiple filtering commands in a 
single message to the cluster, which in turn makes it possible to 
conveniently send messages to adjust your filters from the message 
buttons of typical telnet clients and logging programs.  For example, I 
put the single filter command:  "SET DX FILTER call=n4zr OR (SKIMMER AND 
UNIQUE>2)  and (spotterstate=md OR spotterstate=pa OR spotterstate=va OR 
spotterstate=WV)" in one button in my logging software.  This single 
command lets through any spots of my call from anywhere in the world (so 
I know when I've been spotted), and otherwise restricts spots sent to me 
to those heard by at least 2 Skimmers and originating from MD, PA, VA or 
WV.  The "at least 2" requirement sharply reduces the number of busted 
calls that make it through to the user.

To open up to the full flow from the RBN, I simply send SET DX Filter 
from another button.  You can of course revise these to fit your needs; 
information on AR Cluster filtering is at 
http://www.ab5k.net/ArcDocsVer6/UserManual/ArxDx.htm .

I'm hoping for a good test next weekend.  If you would normally connect 
to the RBN, try connecting to this node instead, and give it a workout.

73, Pete N4ZR

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