[CQ-Contest] WRTC-2014 event scores for Russian DX Contest

K1to at aol.com K1to at aol.com
Tue Mar 15 11:50:47 PDT 2011

The Russian DX Contest Committee recently announced a rule change effective 
 with this coming weekend's RDXC.  Specifically, in order to qualify for an 
 award, logs must be submitted within 36 hours and also include an accurate 
 frequency for each QSO.  Any log that does not meet either criteria will  
place no higher than 4th in its category and be ineligible for awards.  We  
salute the RDXC Committee for their forward thinking and innovation.  
After careful consideration, the WRTC-2014 Committee has established a  
position on this.  
We fully expect that most high-scoring logs will comply with the new rules  
in order to qualify for an award.  So, the likelihood that the highest  
scorer in a category actually finishes 4th is not very high.  Still, we  know 
that the RDXC Committee will check those logs as closely as possible,  too.  
Our determination is to use the highest score in a category as the  
comparison, even if it is 4th in the RDXC standings due to being late and/or  with 
no specific frequencies in the log.  
Please direct any questions to _selection at wrtc2014.org_ 
(mailto:selection at wrtc2014.org) 
This weekend's RDXC is already the 10th qualifying event out of the 55  
total events that will be considered.  CQ WPX SSB next weekend will be the  
11th.  If you want to qualify as a WRTC-2014 Team Leader, hopefully you are  
already actively participating in the qualifying events!  GL to our friends  
in Russia for another excellent on-the-air event this weekend.
Our thoughts are with our friends in Japan as they deal with the terrible  
aftermath of the series of natural disasters.
73, Dan, K1TO
WRTC-2014 Team Selection  Director

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