[CQ-Contest] WRTC-2014 event scores for Russian DX Contest

Bob Naumann W5OV at W5OV.COM
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If you're not in the top 3 in the RDXC, what concern are the rules that
govern those 3 guys to you?

When I enter a contest, the only things I concern myself with are 1) what
time does it start and end, and 2) what is the correct exchange?

I then operate the contest as much or as little as I feel up to, and just do
the best as I can with the given circumstances - whatever they may be. Sort
of "a boy and his radio" thing - so to speak. There are times when I am
involved in competitive multi-ops where the motivation is different, but
that is the exception these days. I try to operate every contest - at least
a little - I guess my intent is to be one of those "thousands of others"
that make the contest possible. I do not have any expectation that the rules
of these contests will in any way be tailored to my casual participation -
why would I? That would certainly be presumptuous, wouldn't it? 

If you are concerned beyond what you alone do between the start and finish
times of a contest, and are bothered by rules that do not impact you in any
way, you're probably not doing what you should be doing. What I mean to say
is that if you are not gaining any personal satisfaction (i.e.; having some
fun) by what you alone accomplish in contest, you should probably look into
another hobby or facet of ham radio. Seriously. If you're "sick to death"
about this sort of thing, as you say, why bother?

Again, if you're not even close to intending to win, why do you care what
the rules might be for those who do? Just operate and at the end of the
contest submit your log to the sponsor so they can use it to cross-check the
real competitors. What else could possibly be your motivation?

If you're having fun operating the contest and being one of the "thousands
of others" exactly what would you expect the contest sponsors to do for you?

Let me guess: "There's a guy in the U.S. who has no intention of competing
so we have to tailor the rules to him"? I don't think so.

I think you are knee-jerking a response to these new rules that don't impact
you in any way rather than giving them a reasonable amount of thought and


Bob W5OV

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Guys like you and I probably aren't ever going to be "top 3" players in a 
Russian contest, but it's you and I and thousands of others who make "top 3"

possible.  I'm sick to death of sponsors who tune their rules to "the top 

73, de Hans, K0HB/K7
"Just a boy and his radio"

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i would think there are a lot of DLs living in three story walk up
apartments with a TS820 and a dipole, with his internet connection down
at the local library..............

there are a lot of amateurs who dont make much noise but contribute

mike w7dra

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