[CQ-Contest] Technology against cheating?

Marijan Miletic, S56A s56a at bit.si
Tue Mar 29 23:40:16 PDT 2011

I only wish old mults only rule for M/S is returned especially in 
forthcoming improved propagations.

OC Hrane, YT1AD of 3V8BB fame has been visiting Tunisia often since 1990s, 
developed special relations with TS frequency agency authorities, received 
numerous special licences for exotic callsigns stating specified 100 W radio 
and unspecified linear power amplifier.  We met 5 TS hams for dinner and I 
am sure energetic young generation would renew TS IARU membership, push for 
private licences also including 50 MHz.

Even mature democracies do NOT check hamradio power levels.  Slovenia is 
often confused with Slovakia so we got a lot of OM Power here.  Others go 
for H8K or Harris.  Our regulatory agency employee of WRTC-2010 DX Cluster 
fame makes terrible QRM to the capitol of Ljubljana.  We still waste 300 kW 
on 918 kHz for spreading "the truth" around EU...

73 de Mario, YU/S56A, N1YU

P.S.  Igor, all this mess is the fault of the cheap Russian ceramic tetrodes 

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> Mario,
> New rules do not exclude octopus at all. They give the edge to those MS 
> who have separate antennas to operate multiple stations on the same band.
> Another issue is power limit. 3V8SS says the power limit in Tunisia is 
> 100W. Has it changed after yasmine revolution to enable 3V1A to go HP?
> 73, Igor UA9CDC
>> K5ZD wrote: The experience of the journey is far more important than the
>> place in the standings.
>> I couldn't agree more visiting Tunisia after yasmine revolution!  My YU
>> friends explained me WPX M/S rules change which I guess were made to 
>> prevent
>> octopus cheating.  However, it quickly became boring to operate mults
>> station as 10 band changes limit occured within first 10 minutes with 15
>> meters band being so dominant for never ending runs.  We are pleasantly
>> surprised at 3V1A standing!
>> 73 de Mario, TS/S56A, N1YU
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