[CQ-Contest] The 353rd annual Dayton K9PG Hooters Wing Party

Paul Gentry Paul at k9pg.com
Fri May 6 15:34:37 PDT 2011

Thursday evening May 19 6:30pm.
6851 Miller Lane
Dayton, OH 45414


We usually start gathering in the Crowne Plaza lobby around 6 or so... 
please let it be known if you need a ride, and also if you have room in your 
car to take others with you.

As has been the case for the past 10 years, everyone is encouraged to wear 
your best/worst combination of neon sport jacket, Hawaiian shirt, Pajama 
Pants, pimp hat, glasses, screaming orange tie...etc. K8GT was last years 
winner of the coveted pink jacket ... (pic here)


I think we had about 100 last year show up... and with the 400 free boneless 
wings we got, it wound up perfect... didn't need extra.  2009 was 
different... ran out and had some unhappy people.  This year, the manager 
(Ashley) is only giving us 300 free wings... because she can't afford to 
give us the extra 100... (what's the actual cost on 100 boneless wings... 
maybe $10?)... and we won't be getting a discounted price on purchasing any 
more wings.  We've gone from free wings for 1 hour to free wings for 30 min 
to 600 free wings, to 500, to 400 for the past few years... and 300 this 
year.   What's it gonna be next year... 200?    I might have to start 
looking for another venue... is there a Tilted Kilt in Dayton?

No SSTV ding bats showed up last year to try and put their tab on my bill... 
but other clubs who are having club meetings Thursday evening meetings are 
encouraged to show up.

Questions?  Fire away.... Paul (at)  k9pg.com

(Don't forget the hat Jerry)

Paul K9PG 

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