[CQ-Contest] Fw: [SOC] *B U L L E T I N* - SOC Quartz Test is this weekend!

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Fri May 6 20:48:10 PDT 2011

To: Second Class Operators' Club <soc at mailman.qth.net>
Date: Fri, 6 May 2011 20:33:11 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [SOC] *B U L L E T I N* - SOC Quartz Test is this weekend!
The SOC Quartz Test will be held his weekend as originally suggested by
Mike, W7DRA. As of this writing, there is only one announced xtal
controlled participant, Mike himself. Therefore, to increase
participation, the rules will be slightly bent (or warped) to allow other
methods of frequency control besides crystal. So as not to lose focus of
the purpose of the contest, at least one participant of the QSO must be
quartz crystal controlled and identify as such as set forth below. 
Anyone using crystal control will be designated the status of a
"Fundamental Oscillator" and will include "FO" somewhere in the contest
Any Fundamental Oscillator that works 100 other Fundamental Oscillators
will be granted the status of "Fundamental Oscillator Centurion" and will
be allowed to use the initials "FOC" somewhere in the contest
exchange/ragchew, on their personal stationery and QSL cards, or tattooed
anywhere on their body.
The suggested frequencies have been changed to 3540 kHz and 3560 kHz, to
accommodate Mike.
Mike says he has set up a special gnarly old time station for this event.
Ask Mike what he's running when you work him. You might be flabbergasted.
So give a look for Mike as he busies himself with those other contests
this weekend, the 7QP and SKCC Weekend Sprint (WES).
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