[CQ-Contest] First Annual Second Operators Club Quartz Test results Debriefing......................... W7DRA

w7dra at juno.com w7dra at juno.com
Sun May 8 09:58:31 PDT 2011

With the encouragement (and an actual contact) of K9FH I put in 6,435
seconds in the chair for a very successful SOC Quartz Test.

Here is my calculated score:

Using CX rules I have a equipment contact multiplier of 180 (2011 - year
built or ARRL handbook year schematic), assuming three contacts made with
said equipment (K7QQ, W7RN,  K9FH)

Using a Stew Perry DX contest challenge concept, I have a contact
distance multiplier of 2721 (distance measured in Kilometers between
contacted stations)

Using Oceania Dx Contest band multiplier of 10 for contacts being on 80

And again said Oceania DX Contest rule that ALL contacts count in contest
even without getting proper contest number (count numberless contact as

And taking advantage of the SOC rule voiding the Keymans Club of Japan
160 meter contest requirement of a minimum of four valid

MY FINAL SCORE IS    2,938,680

Which falls in the upper 20% of most of the larger contest scores, CQWW,

Mike W7DRA/FO (For the CQ-Contest crowd, FO stands for Fundamental

You too can strive to work 100 Fundamental Oscillator stations and become
a Fundamental Oscillator Centurion, or FOC, as authorized by the SOC
chairman, and receive an FOC award, suitable for framing.
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