[CQ-Contest] Russian DX Contest analysis available

Stan ua1out at yahoo.com
Wed May 11 06:25:23 PDT 2011

Hi Randy,

I absolutely agree with you. It is a bit unfair to compare conditions in May 2010 to what RDXC had this year. Even with those unfavorable condx WPX would have almost twice as many QSOs in total than RDXC. With 15 and hopefully 10 open in the end of May I am sure rates are expected to be significantly higher compared to last year.

I am also sure that if RDXC format changes to 48 hours (which by the way is unlikely to happen soon) it's top rates will not be as high as what we see now. After all, 24 hours of activity presents a rather condensed rate overall compared to a 48 hour event.

I am personally really looking forward to WPX this month and very much hope that I will be in Ireland for the test and not traveling as it was during RDXC...



> Love seeing statistics about contesting in any form.  Thanks for doing this!

> Difficult to compare anything with WPX CW 2010.  Conditions were the worst
> of all time last year.  Plus, WPX in early summer is a very different time
from RDXC in the late winter.

> We are hoping for much better conditions in WPX CW this month.  May 28-29

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> Director - CQ WPX Contest 

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--- On Tue, 10/5/11, Stan <ua1out at yahoo.com> wrote:

> From: Stan <ua1out at yahoo.com>
> Subject: Russian DX Contest analysis available
> To: cq-contest at contesting.com
> Date: Tuesday, 10 May, 2011, 22:31
> Hi,
> Yesterday, contest rate analyser was given access to
> rdxc.org logs storage. It just finished parsing RDXC logs
> and results are now available here:
> http://www.ei6dx.com/cqww-contest-analysis/cqww-activity-analyzer/
> They show some interesting trends.
> Clearly RDXC is gaining a lot of popularity and it is now
> one of the top 3 WW contests. For example, combined CW and
> SSB rates of RDXC are higher than those of CQWPX CW for same
> hours in 2010. This means that bands are livelier during
> RDXC hours. If we consider European activity we see that
> European RDXC CW rates are higher than those of CQWPX CW for
> the same period particularly on low bands, which is pretty
> amazing. Asiatic activity in CW is higher by a considerable
> margin and is almost as high as in some of the CQWW CW tests
> (2007 for example). Despite the fact that North American
> activity is a lot lower in RDXC, I think it is time for RDXC
> committee to consider a 48 hour event.
> I would like to thank Harry RA3AUU and Vlad RW1AC for
> providing temporary access to remote repositories and for
> allowing the results to be published.
> vy 73 de Stan
> www.ei6dx.com

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