[CQ-Contest] Russian CEPT-calls in contests

Mats Strandberg sm6lrr at gmail.com
Thu May 12 10:51:15 PDT 2011

Russia has now signed all papers for CEPT.

This is excellent and will simplify the process of operating from Russia for
hams from CEPT-countries.

However, there is one complicating factor I would like to bring to your

Before, my Russian callsign was R3/SM6LRR. Not an ideal contest call by any
means, but contesters are flexible people and quick learners, so this call
does not cause all that much attention or problem anymore.

My NEW call will starting from today be RA/SM6LRR. Yes - You got it... a
call that can be used from anywhere in a country with 9 time zones. There is
no chance for anyone (including all existing contest logging software) to
actually know where I am located. I can either be in European Russia,
Asiatic Russia or in Kalingrad (UA2F/K).

In contests with Serial Number exchanges (like CQ-M this weekend, CQ WPX,
SAC and many others), it is impossible to judge if a RA/ callsign is located
in European or Asiatic Russia - or in the enclave Kaliningrad.

A bit confusing, right?

Things might change in the future when the new Russian Callsign and Call
Area System has been approved by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian

But until further notice; R3/SM6LRR does not exist anymore. RA/SM6LRR will
be the new call, but the location is the same (Moscow Oblast in European

Have fun - see you in the contests ;)


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