[CQ-Contest] Russian CEPT-calls in contests

Richard DiDonna NN3W richnn3w at verizon.net
Thu May 12 16:40:38 PDT 2011

Erm, but if you are W4/SM6LRR, you could  be in zone 5 or zone 4.  Same with 

73 Rich NN3W
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> Hi,
> It's interesting that this situation is opposite that in the US.  In  the
> CQ WW, for example, you cannot tell the zone of a stateside station by its
> call.  AB1J could be located anywhere in the lower 48.    However, if 
> was operating here, say as W3/SM6LRR, you would  know his zone 
> immediately.
> 73,
> Kermit, AB1J
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> Russia  has now signed all papers for CEPT.
> This is excellent and will simplify  the process of operating from Russia
> for
> hams from  CEPT-countries.
> However, there is one complicating factor I would like  to bring to your
> attention.
> Before, my Russian callsign was  R3/SM6LRR. Not an ideal contest call by 
> any
> means, but contesters are  flexible people and quick learners, so this 
> call
> does not cause all that  much attention or problem anymore.
> My NEW call will starting from today  be RA/SM6LRR. Yes - You got it... a
> call that can be used from anywhere in  a country with 9 time zones. There
> is
> no chance for anyone (including all  existing contest logging software) to
> actually know where I am located. I  can either be in European Russia,
> Asiatic Russia or in Kalingrad  (UA2F/K).
> In contests with Serial Number exchanges (like CQ-M this  weekend, CQ WPX,
> SAC and many others), it is impossible to judge if a RA/  callsign is
> located
> in European or Asiatic Russia - or in the enclave  Kaliningrad.
> A bit confusing, right?
> Things might change in the  future when the new Russian Callsign and Call
> Area System has been approved  by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian
> Federation....
> But until  further notice; R3/SM6LRR does not exist anymore. RA/SM6LRR 
> will
> be the new  call, but the location is the same (Moscow Oblast in  European
> Russia).
> Have fun - see you in the contests  ;)
> RA/SM6LRR,  Mats
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