[CQ-Contest] Contest University Dayton - Webinars Posted

Ken Claerbout kclaerbo at bbg.gov
Fri May 20 06:27:00 PDT 2011

CTU Dayton presentation "Contesting the Right Way" by Doug Grant, K1DG, 
(should be required viewing for anyone submitting a contest log) has 
been posted to www.pvrc.org under the Recorded Webinars link.  "Contest 
Radio Performance" by Rob Sherwood, NC0B, is on its way and may be 
posted by the time you read this.  It was a real blast to have 
participants from around the globe join the classroom in Dayton for 
these two events.  As one contester in the UK chatted to me during 
Doug's presentation, I'm on my lunch break.  Being able to watch this 
live from Dayton is fantastic!

Ken K4ZW

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