[CQ-Contest] BOGUS RATES: Pot calling the kettle black?

Andrew AC6WI ac6wi at comcast.net
Tue Nov 8 20:55:08 PST 2011

Actually, not strictly true Don.  To abide by the letter of the UK 
licence, then you should ID with each station you work.  The UK licence, 
in Section 2 Terms, Conditions and Limitations subsection 13(1)(a) states

"The Licensee.... shall transmit the Callsign specified in Section 1 of 
this Licence.... during initial calls ("CQ calls") or calls to establish 
contact with another Amateur"

They key part is that you need to transmit your callsign when you want 
"to establish contact with *another* Amateur". (my emphasis on 
'another').  That means you need to ID with *every* contact.

I can't think of many contesters who do this and the chances of Ofcom 
ever making a big deal out it is slim to none provided you ID reasonably 
often, but that is what the regulations actually say.

For those interested, the UK regulations can be downloaded from the 
regulators site at (be careful of the line wrap)


The FCC regulations on station ID are somewhat more vague in this matter 
as they don't really define "each communication".  They FCC regs on ID 
can be viewed at 

Vy 73,

Andrew AC6WI / GI0NWG

On 08/11/11 13:08, Don Field wrote:
> I don't understand why 90% of the people commenting on this thread refer to
> FCC rules as though they applied to everyone. My licence does NOT require
> me to ID every QSO, though I did do a 264 hour in CQWW Phone on 10m IDing
> probably 90% of the time. But remember, guys, there are over 300 OTHER
> countries in the world outside USA, and they each have their own licence
> regs. Many of the QSO records will be set from outside the US. What the
> contest rules say is, of course, applicable to all.
> Don G3XTT
> On 8 November 2011 12:45, Tom W8JI<w8ji at w8ji.com>  wrote:
>>> By far,the biggest "fault," (if you want to use such a term) is on the
>>> part of the callers,
>>> not the guy running the pileup.
>>> How many guys, who are tuning across the band and run into a pileup,
>>> actually give the
>>> call of the guy are calling?  5%?
>> There is NO rule you have to give the other fellow's callsign. That went
>> away years ago, I think around the 1980's.
>> The rule is you have to give YOUR OWN callsign either at least once every
>> ten minutes or when you end a contact. I don't have to give my call when
>> initially transmitting, but I always do when I leave and always within ten
>> minutes after I start.
>> At least that was what was explained to me years ago when I questioned the
>> meaning of "communication".  The wording used to be "transmission", not
>> "communication", and used to require an ID at the start of a transmission
>> or
>> series of transmissions if I remember the old rule correctly.
>> Not giving a callsign is dumb anyway. I'd bet that results in a lot of
>> busts
>> or time delay.
>> 73 Tom
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