[CQ-Contest] Incomplete SS exchange

Andrew AC6WI ac6wi at comcast.net
Wed Nov 9 09:52:21 PST 2011

On 09/11/11 04:24, Paul O'Kane wrote:
> On 08/11/2011 18:52, Radio K0HB wrote:

>> The Cabrillo specification is not part of the rules for this contest, and
>> thus carries no weight in this argument.  Submitting a Cabrillo log is not a
>> requirement for participation.  Paper logs are welcome.
> Wrong - electronic logs submitted in any format other
> than the specified Cabrillo format are rejected by the
> SS robot.
> Paper logs may be tolerated, but they are no longer
> welcome.

Really?  So, Sweepstakes rule 8.6, written by the contest sponsor, which 
says "Hand-written paper logs are acceptable entries" is not correct?  I 
don't see anything in the rules that says paper logs are not welcome. 
Please quote where it says that so I can look it up.

Andrew AC6WI / GI0NWG

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