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Albert Crespo f5vhj at orange.fr
Wed Nov 30 10:31:10 PST 2011

Often in  CQWW someone gives a report that is clearly in error.
For example,,  if KL7XXX gives a report of 599002, that in my mind indicates the operator does not know the rules of CQWW.
I tell KL7XXX that the exchange that must be sent is the CQ Zone and not a number of stations worked. If the operator replies he does not know their  zone, then I tell them  the zone and expect a confirmation as to the correct zone to be sent. 
Another example is when you hear a VE give out a report of 59905, this is not suspect and you just log it and move off frequency. 
However, that VE  station then works another station and the exchange is 59906. Clearly something is wrong and it is incumbent to determine the correct zone. 
This is not rocket science and takes a matter of seconds to resolve. 
It strains credulity that in all the thousands of QSOs that T2V made, no one asked T2V if they  knew they  were sending the wrong zone,. In other words,one side knew of the error, and the other, through perhaps stupid, did not.
The contest is supposed to be more then just pushing buttons on a computer  but a display of communications skills. The T2V  operations was a failure on both sides of the QSO and that is why it should be  worth zero points.
If it does not matter what zone is the correct zone for the country, then why is the scoring based on the number of different zones actually  worked? 
If you are going to participate in CQWW and going to give out a few thousand QSOs, read the  simple rules and figure out the exchange. Not a very high standard, even if we are just amateurs.

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      That is a bit harsh Albert, a guy should not be penalised by losing a contact for correctly copying what was sent, especially if he spent 10 minutes or more waiting in the pile!

      Anyway WW CC do not seem to check the zones, have you ever seen a penalty for wrong zone logged in your UBN?

      73 Brian.

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        Yes, the entire operation of T2V should not count as anything. You cannot 
        send an incorrect zone and expect it to be valid. Otherwise, for the next 
        contest we should all send zone 34 in our exchange and make everyone happy.
        There is a three letter word for the T2 operation- it starts with l and end 
        with d.

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        just hope CQWW CC don´t remove this QSO…

        As we must log what they sent and not what it must be…




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        I listened to a half-dozen T2V Qs after I worked them to make sure I had

        not QLF-ed the exchange...it was 32, for sure.


        Jack, W6NF

        Silver Springs, NV


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