[CQ-Contest] unIDs

Edward Sawyer SawyerEd at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 30 18:19:31 PST 2011

The reason I believe it is acceptable to work them and not log them is
because if you run out of patience in waiting for them to sign, then you
honestly don't know what to log.  I believe its no different than the
exchange attempt as follows:


Me:  N1UR

You;  N1UR? 599 15

Me:  599 5

You: N1UR? CFM?

Me: N1UR

You (not hearing me):  NIL


In this instance example:


DX:  dit dit

Me: N1UR

DX  N1UR 599 33

Me: 599 5 CL?

DX:  dit dit

Me CL?


DX works 4 more stations without signing




Tell me what's wrong with that.



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