[CQ-Contest] Press Release for HK0NA

Manu LU9ESD lu9esdmanu at yahoo.com.ar
Sat Oct 1 10:11:34 PDT 2011

The Malpelo 2012 DXpedition is pleased to announce that the HK0NA operating
team has added two new operators, both physicians..W0GJ and K9SG. The team
now consists of 18 operators representing eight countries.

Two members of the team will travel to Malpelo for a reconnaissance visit in 
late October. The purpose is to check out possible operating sites and make 
final decisions on the type and placement of antennas. We want to try to 
have antennas oriented for all parts of the DX world. Also, some equipment 
will be moved onto the island and stored until our DXpedition begins in late 
January 2012.

Every effort is being made to extend the length of time available for 
operating. This requires coordination with the authorities and agencies 
that oversee the island and the charter boat company. It appears that we 
can get to the island one day earlier and may have the option of staying a 
few extra days. Of course, our costs will rise accordingly. The current 
plan has the team QRV on or about January 23rd for 12-14 days.

Operations are planned on 160 through 6 meters on CW, SSB and one Digital 

Several of the Elecraft K3s are already in Colombia. The other K3s, five 
KPA500 amplifiers, antennas from DX Engineering, and Spiderbeam 65 foot 
masts for the low band antennas will be shipped soon. The Alpha 8410s are on 
their way.

The Malpelo team is paying all their transportation expenses to/from 
Colombia and putting up about one-half of all the DXpedition costs. To cover 
the remainder of our expenses, your financial assistance is kindly 
requested. Contributions are being sought from DX Foundations, DX Clubs 
and individual DXers. You may contribute directly to DXARC (Colombia) or to 
K4UEE (North America), DJ9ZB (Europe), or JA1ELY (Asia/JA). 
See our website: www.hk0na.com for further
information on how you can help.

N2OO and the SJDXA have graciously agreed to handle QSL duties.

We plan periodic press releases with information of interest. Also, watch
the website for breaking news.

Jorge Prieto, HK1R
DXpedition leader

Bob Allphin, K4UEE-co-leader
Gregg Marco, W6IZT-co-leader

73's. Manu LU9ESD, Team member.

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