[CQ-Contest] Fw: [wwdxc] W0AIH Visits Seattle Monday 10/3 Evening

Brian Moran brianmo at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 3 07:45:20 PDT 2011

If you're in the neighborhood, stop by!

From: James Hadlock 
To: WWDXC Group 
Sent: Sunday, October 02, 2011 8:15 PM
Subject: [wwdxc] W0AIH Visit Tomorrow Evening
Paul WØAIH is one of the 
true legends of Contesting and DXing - he's been setting records since 
before many of us knew about ham radio.  We don't often have an opportunity 
to meet and chat with someone like him - hope to see you there tomorrow evening 
for an informal visit beginning about 6:00 PM, southeast corner of 1st and Main, 
Pioneer Square, Seattle.  Street parking is free after 6:00.  Brian's 
office is located above what used to be the location of the Elliott Bay Book 
Store - we'll hang a sign on the door.

Suite #240
105 S. Main Street, 

Paul is bringing 
pictures/presentation of his QTH, which: (According to http://www.qth.com/w0aih/)

"The Farm" as it is referred to by WØAIH 
regulars is located on 120 acres of rolling farmland in West Central Wisconsin, 
just southeast of Eau Claire. Most hams who have driven on I-94 between Chicago 
and Minneapolis have seen the endless array of towers that can be seen on the 
hills overlooking the interstate at mile marker 76. 

Located on the site 
are more than 50 towers. About 25 towers or poles are used as vertical radiators 
plus numerous telephone poles and other towers that are used to support feed 
line, ends of wire antennas and what ever else needs to be held in the 

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