[CQ-Contest] End of contest and rewriting log

Ivo Pezer E73A/9A3A ivo.pezer at alice.it
Sat Oct 8 02:33:40 PDT 2011

The WRTC rules include post-contest (limited time) for note/log-reconciling 
prior to submission. If other contest organizers follow this example, than 
they should also find the way of ensuring that the log has not indeed been 
edited beyond this time and limit the time, at least for top score 
contenders....RRDXC rules are coming close to that.

73 Ivo I7/9A3A

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> If an operator notes an error during the contest and makes appropriate 
> notes
> to him/herself how could anyone possibly rationalize *not* permitting
> corrections, even after the contest. I understand the impropriety of 
> making
> changes based on outside information, but from your own notes made at, or
> shortly after, the time the error was detected??? I think not.
> 73,
> On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 6:12 PM, rob beaudoin <wa1fcn at charter.net> wrote:
>> OK this is a legitimate concern of mine.
>> KA1QQQ  has a fast run of station going  KX1XYZ calls
>> him......He gets loged as KA1XYX In logging next qso he notices
>> previous qso should of been KX1XYZ..  Many stations
>> are calling and he just jots down on paper  #305  KX1XYZ  latter
>> KZ6XXX  calls and gets loged as zone 3.
>>  Then operator says darn he said zone 5.
>> So jots down on paper   #409   zone 5.
>> Latter station calls and gives him name John in hastes  he gets
>> loged as Jim. Operator  says darn he said John.  operator jots down
>> on paper # 455  John.  23:59:59 contest is over.  Operator  looks at
>> a dozen or so paper notes and makes all corrections.
>> Is this OK ?   You say no ....   how about this at 23:45 operator
>> stops contest and makes all corrections in a few minutes,
>> now is it ok? I do not  know it for a fact, but believe
>> this is a common practice.  Would this be considered
>> rewriting or masageing  your  log ??
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