[CQ-Contest] Post Contest Log Correction

ve5cma at gmail.com ve5cma at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 14:34:51 PDT 2011

Just to clarify: Our contest group considers it OK to scour the log  
afterward for "notes" posted in the log by operators real time during the  
contest that indicate corrections.
For example, after having logged VE2UP as zone 4 by error, 2 - 3 contacts  
later (in a pile up our operator was busy logging more QSOs) a pause in the  
pile up occurs and our op uses the opportunity to log a note :VE2UP s/b  
zone 5. Post contest, we'll expunge the note and correct the entry. I'd  
hold that because this was picked up real time by the operator during the  
contest, the post-contest log correction is legitimate. Any issues?

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