[CQ-Contest] How blatant can you get?

Jorge Diez - CX6VM cx6vm.jorge at gmail.com
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There´s many ways to penalize if you drive over the speed limit. Along the
roads there´s a lot of police stations, police´s cars, electronic radars,
that can determine if you are "cheating" and will give you a bill to pay,
take your driver license, or something else.

Is not clear in ham radio contesting how to determine the cheating about
extra power and how to penalize it.

Your example is not good.  really this is a big problem. If all of us did
not brings back to consciousness that many stations are cheating and actions
are not taken, our hobby is going to go in decay.


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I guess the U.S. needs to quit making cars that will go over 55 MPH because 
we know if they make them go faster, everyone will cheat and drive them at 
their maximum speed.  73

>Good question,

>How blatant can you get?

Well, I will try again to bump the debate.

  It is not fault of sellers but users who buy them and then drive them

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