[CQ-Contest] Baggage Charges for Expeditions

Chris Pedder chris at g3vbl.co.uk
Fri Oct 14 00:39:35 PDT 2011

My goodness, I wish we had your excessive baggage charges here in Europe! :-)

We don't have a 'piece' system but rather a weight system. Anything 
in excess of 20/30/40Kg, depending on cabin, is charged per Kg. 
Between here and SE Asia I get screwed for $75 per Kg excess.

Chris G3VBL, 8P9EM

At 16:43 13/10/2011, Geoff, W0CG, PJ2DX wrote:

>I'm interested in investigating the possibility of getting ham
>equipment classified as sports equipment for baggage charge purposes.
>To explore this, we need a contact inside of AA. The recent large
>increases in baggage charges are rapidly making it prohibitive for us
>to continue to operate overseas. (An oversize bag, for example, is
>now $200. A third piece is $150.) Because of these charges, we have
>had to decide this week to hold back considerable important equipment
>that was scheduled to go to PJ2T this fall.

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