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Albert Crespo f5vhj at orange.fr
Fri Oct 14 08:58:17 PDT 2011

Whenever I hear EF8M, I make it a point not to work him. That is his reward
for QRO. That solves my issue with him.
Boycott cheaters. The committee of CQWW cannot on it’s own catch QRO
In some societies cheating is just the norm. That does not mean that needs
to be the  for behavior in CQWW.
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Steve hit this one on the head.  What assurances do we have that
anything will be done?  None at all.  What does the reporting party
gain?  Nothing.  What does he have to lose if nothing is done?  His

Sorry to say that the world is filled with folks pushing the envelope in
all aspects of life whether it is speeding, welfare systems and even in
non competitive horse events.  We actually witnesses people injecting
their horse with something.  The rider said out loud that the horse
needed adrenaline.  This horse is one of the hottest horse to start with
and refuses to enter the arena and must be led in.  There are no
monetary prizes in this rodeo other than end of the year trophies and

Obviously some people and families are driven to win at any and all costs.

Dear CQ please tell us what if anything was done with the 4500 watt
youtube incident.  If you want us to help you we need to know that you
will take the report seriously and have the guts to actually do what is
right.  Where is the transparency in the process?  Once again there in
none unless you are in the know.

When the Organizers show that they are very serious in stopping cheating
then maybe the other players will step up.  You do your part and we will
do ours.

Mike W0MU

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On 10/14/2011 7:09 AM, Steve London wrote:
> On 10/13/2011 10:06 PM, Ken Widelitz wrote:
>> The ONLY way to prove illegal power is to be in the shack, or be in the
>> near
>> field of the station with a measuring device. If this is done by a member
>> of
>> the CQWW committee nothing more need be done. There is a witness with
>> credibility.
>> If a non-committee member had a camera and was in the shack or near field
>> of
>> the station and could document the violation, would that be enough for
>> the
>> committee to issue a red card?
> Even that isn't enough. When EF8M posted a YouTube of their operation a
> few
> years ago, there were several "accidental" shots of their WaveNode
> wattmeters in
> action. One shot showed power being split into two antennas, with 4500+
> watts
> going into each antenna. That YouTube was up for a few days before it was
> removed.
> Impact on EF8M ? None.
> 73,
> Steve, N2IC
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