[CQ-Contest] How blatant can you get?

Edward Sawyer SawyerEd at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 15 04:18:07 PDT 2011

It is been stated a few times, and I agree with it, that the abuse of power
can really only be solved by local clubs or operators observing and
reporting and pressuring for discontinuance.  However, others have stated
that they have tried this or that and nothing happened.  As someone who
reported years ago on a self spotting station with clear evidence and saw
nothing happen "I know the feeling".


We need protocol to follow from the sponsors.  Randy, K5ZD, as a forward
thinking manager of WPX, perhaps you could establish protocol for WPX as a
start.  What would be sufficient evidence in your mind, for WPX, to issue a
red card for power violation, that a local club could use to "out" a


With guidelines, should come action.  What say you contest managers and


Ed  - N1UR


PS.  I always run low power in contests and I always know where my power
level is.  It's a matter of personal pride to me.  In low power (or QRP
power) especially, it's a significant part of the rules of the game to be,
in fact, low power.  Some contests are 100W and some are 150W.  I run both
from my FT1000MP Mk -Vs depending on the contest.  Don't own an amp, but
that's just cause I think low power is fun, not for any other reason.

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