[CQ-Contest] Cheating

Collins, Graham CollinG at navcanada.ca
Mon Oct 17 05:00:52 PDT 2011

Carol (and all),

The intent of your comment is understood.

However, I think it is bit misplaced. 

There are those who operate QRP by choice, they thrive on the challenge and are the better for their successes in doing so.

There are those who have little choice but to use indoor or otherwise compromised antennas but do so and simply get on the air and participate.

In either case, these operators get as much out of competing as anyone else in spite of what others may see as reasons for taking up another hobby such as knitting.

Cheers es 73 Graham ve3gtc

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To add on to Han's idea...the penalty for blatant cheating should be one year of operating contests running qrp with an indoor antenna. Now that is humility !!!!

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