[CQ-Contest] Duelling as a honourable "fair game"

Suad Zukic / TECHNEX / suad.zukic at t-online.de
Mon Oct 17 12:12:56 PDT 2011


It is up on us, what kind of surrounding and which atmosphere we will 
have in
the future of contesting. Creating proper tools to satisfy everybody 
around the
ball would be certainly a hard job. But it is a ongoing process, as 
else in the ( slow ) natural, ( quick ) social and ( very quick ) technical

New communication and economical age have started, global village grows 
tighter but we have not solved even some essential internal problems. 
Are we ready
to change this big world to the better one, suddenly? The problems we 
all have
around are different; and solving them will require various kinds of 

Initiatives made recently by contest committees ( RDXC, CQ WPX & DX ) 
and WRTC-C
are showing that a optimum in proper evaluation of the contest efforts ( 
scores )
is continuously searched. It is not an easy job! We should be and are 
thankful for
all the time and energy some of OM are spending on that, since years.

Gentlemen-like dealing to each other helps at the most cases. We are not 
so many.
Those "fighting" for the top in contests are knowing each other for 
years. Often
we are communicating each other otherwise but via the ionosphere. If we 
are not
convinced about the work of the CC, if any doubt about the correctness 
of ones
efforts and we can/will not wait for WRTC, why not asking your direct 
opponent for
a duel (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duel)? Take example on modern 
boxing, gunmen
to time of Wilde West and European duelling...

Using local and regional clubs/organisations a perfect field is given 
for such a
kind of "fair games". Mutual accepted rules to be followed by both sides 
can be
controlled by trustees that each side can announce/accredit. This is 
easily possible!
At least, much easier that to let international referees travelling 
around the world...

Such duels can be announced and published prior to the contest. Why 
not?! Who
is interested in such a kind of stuff, will follow the happening for 
sure. We
can organize easily web-based platforms dealing with this theme. Even a 
online-office is a further idea... )))

As contesting is all about fun & honour to get trough Peer Review, this 
kind of
thinking may be will help. We know traditional and honourable 
competition between
big US M/M stations...

73 Suad

Suad Zukic

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